At Skyhouse, we think the most important factors for good sound are:

  • the artist’s talent, vision, and performance,
  • the vibe, atmosphere and acoustics surrounding the artist,
  • the engineering skill used to capture the artist’s performance,
  • and finally, the quality of the equipment used, in approximately that order. 

Our philosophy is to start with the source of the sound, the artist. We believe that the secret to your sound is you, and that when you feel confident and inspired, you are going to give your best performance.

Our workplace is inspiring, focusing, and workmanlike. The acoustics of a great room are magical, and our rooms are some of the best. Cheap instruments sound heartbreakingly beautiful. Quality instruments sound cinematic in their perfection. Timid singers find their voice. Drums and bass sound like a hit record, right in the room.

At Skyhouse, music comes alive, without having to put it through a million processors and hours of tweaking. The instant it is created, it sounds great, like a record, like real music happening.

People who come to our space fall in love with the sound of their music all over again. We are proud to have the vibe, atmosphere, and acoustics to inspire great music, as well as the technical expertise and tools to capture that inspiration, with a collection of world-class instruments, microphones, processors, and recording equipment.