Hanging Horse

Named for a toy hobby-horse that hung above the front door, Hanging Horse was a studio, a rehearsal space, and a community hub for a variety of artists, musicians, and sound engineers in the greater Boston area. It was a place for musicians and artists to get together, where a few major records were made (and a lot of minor ones!) A lot of love and lot of late nights from a lot of people went into making it a very special place, where we had a lot of fun and made a lot of great music.

As Hanging Horse grew, it spun off other studios and professional careers, including Big Nice in RI, and Dan S’s role at Chillhouse in Charlestown. After a number of partnership changes and a brief existential crisis for Hanging Horse, we decided to take things in a new direction, looking for a bigger, more versatile space that could afford a greater range of professional capabilities and services.

A complicated decision was whether to keep the name. Ultimately, we don’t think it belongs to us, at least not exclusively. Hanging Horse was a clubhouse, a co-op, and a community, as much as a studio. And we think it is still is a community and a family, and we want all of you to be in it. Look for a new Hanging Horse website soon, with events and workshops focused on developing the creative community, including free songwriter workshops, open jam nights, gallery showings, and more.

2.jpg1.jpgIn the meantime, if you are looking for an inspiring place to make a great record, we hope you will look into Big Nice, Chillhouse, or Skyhouse!

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