• Full-service Recording: We offer the ability to track, mix, edit, and master your entire album. We have a variety of isolation rooms, 32 channels of mastering-quality digital IO, and 40+ channels of professional preamps and analog and digital signal processing. We can bring in session players and special instruments at extremely affordable rates. From a power trio to full Big Band and gospel choir, we have you covered, with high-quality mics and signal-chain all the way.
  • Repair, modification, and custom-build services: Our studio complex includes a full-service build/repair shop that can build, repair, or customize any kind of audio or musical equipment you can imagine, vintage or modern. We work with tons of local artists and dealers to make them happy with their gear, and we can do the same for you. Vintage tube designs are a house specialty!
  • Multimedia Production: with over 2500 square feet of old brick warehouse space, and with access to tens of thousands of additional square feet in partnering spaces, Skyhouse makes a great home for fashion shoots, green-screen, foley, ADR, and of course, audio production. And we always have plenty of parking, and dock/elevator load-in and load out!
  • Home Recording Rescue: We love working with home-studio recordists who need a place to track great drums, or who need a professional studio musician to overdub a particular track, or who want to mix/master on top-flight speakers in a treated room, or who just want to get a great vocal track, with a real mic and great preamps.
  • Production Help for Songwriters: We can help singer-songwriters turn ideas or solo performances into a finished record, with complete, professional instrumentation from real studio musicians who can learn your songs and ideas fast, and play high-quality parts affordably. For the price and time of trying to piece together samples and corny “band-in-a-box” solutions, you can make a real record, with professional musicians and professional gear.
  • Voiceover, film sound, multimedia, and sound-design: In addition to recording music, our engineers have extensive experience in multimedia production, from post-production and field audio, to audiobooks and voiceover, to Foley work and live television, including teaching college courses on the subject. We understand the special requirements, conventions, and demands of film, TV, and game sound, and we are well-equipped to deliver the clarity, quality, intelligibility, and regulatory compliance that your soundtrack needs.