At Skyhouse, everything starts with a free consultation. So call or email to set up an appointment to meet and discuss your project goals!

  • Full-service Recording: We offer the ability to track, mix, edit, and master your entire album. We have a variety of isolation rooms, 32 channels of mastering-quality digital IO, and 40+ channels of professional preamps and analog and digital signal processing. We can bring in session players and special instruments at extremely affordable rates. From a power trio to full Big Band and gospel choir, we have you covered, with high-quality mics and signal-chain all the way.
  • Home Recording Rescue: We love working with home-studio recordists who need a place to track great drums, or who need a professional studio musician to overdub a particular track, or who want to mix/master on top-flight speakers in a treated room, or who just want to get a great vocal track, with a real mic and great preamps.
  • Production Help for Songwriters: We can help singer-songwriters turn ideas or solo performances into a finished record, with complete, professional instrumentation from real studio musicians who can learn your songs and ideas fast, and play high-quality parts affordably. For the price and time of trying to piece together samples and corny “band-in-a-box” solutions, you can make a real record, with professional musicians and professional gear.